Global Presence

Our desire is to have a responsible global presence, exhibiting integrity through the standards that PINQ Staffing embodies in name and spirit. Through workforce and vocational training our desire is to produce qualified staffing by providing well trained candidates capable of executing organizational objectives. We aim to cut the current unemployment rate by 1.2%, our intent is that this will have an impact both locally and nationally. In turn the increase in qualified staffing will reduce staff renewal rate by providing steady access to capital.



PINQ’s company objective is to remediate the current epidemic of unemployment locally as well as globally, having a special interest in the marginalized population. Per the OK Policy Institute, globally, Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarceration for men and women as well as having the 43 highest poverty rate nationally. We aim to cut the current poverty rate and reduce recidivism through job placement and access to capital. This will be obtained through workforce and vocational training throughout multiple career disciplines. Thus, rectifying the need for qualified applicants that fit.

Our Mission

Our mission is in our name…PINQ

We are our Product, producing highly qualified individuals to perform in the areas of office and administrative support as well as in management, sales, maintenance, installation, and related occupations.

Our Insight is to anticipate the needs of our clientele, through building strong working relationships.

PINQ’s core values and integrity will obtain us Notability with our compeers.

Through our specialized training methodology, we will set the standard for Quality personnel.